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The Yvette Horner effect

The Yvette Horner effect

17 Feb 2018

Tribute to 水, young Chinese music lover

November 10th, 2016, 20:17, Sofiann is in the middle of his Guangzhou lifetime. Too many hours of thougths writing in his notebooks reveals a strong need of fresh air. The time to dive into one very particular and local tradition.
It is indeed the hight point of a parade started in early morning in many pedestrian streets of the city. There you can see various cultural waves streaming one after the other from morning to evening : calligraphers, dancers, running, martial artists, music players, singers and many more come down practice a few minutes or more. Each one enjoying his routine without even seeing the others.
Many times already, Sofiann has joined this ballet, juggling with Tian Zi or playing his accordion.
But that night, something special is coming, something that is going to reveal once more how powerful the music is.

Indeed, at the very same time, not far from here, in the middle of the business center of the city, 水, a promissing business analyst, is finishing his work day, getting his bike and taking the road back to home. A road going along the river pedestrian street at the hight point of the day.
But that night, something is different. Some unusual musical notes reach his ears, makes him stop, pushes him to a small group of people hiding his favorite music instrument played by an unusual man. Attracted by this accordion, he stays and listen one song, two songs, and after the third, 水 makes his move, big smile on the face.

Sofiann answers with the exact same smile.

There, on this bench, facing the composite parade, we had great talk. About music first, then about Chinese society and finally about accordion. Of course, accordion was passionate topic for him who had dreamed for so long about playing accordion. But he limited himself to his piano thinking that was too much, thinking that was impossible. But sometimes in life, you just need a small push, you just need to realize that something that seems to be impossible is actually not out of reach. That's where our discussion went.

Next evening, I received that picture with those words : "Is it a good one ? Should I take it ?"

Two days more and we met again for a multi-accordion time. What a surprise for me when I first heard him, playing those tunes you're listening since you started to read this post.

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