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Pour, a joke for grand piano
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Pour, a joke for grand piano

15 Feb 2019
To Oliver Cheng, generous Taiwanese music lover, Signore Fazioli, genious maker, David Fauthoux, free composer and of course to Mehdi and Grégoire who made it possible for me to give life to this joke.

When two masterpieces meet...

Let's start by a cultural digression because I only became aware of This two days before writing those lines.

Fazioli is an Italian piano maker. But not just any piano maker ! Beginning its activity in 1981, it seems that it is already more and more recognized as the best piano maker in the world.

And within the Fazioli set of pianos, there is one in particular. The F308 which, as the (almost?) biggest existing piano in the world, seems to be like the jewel of Fazioli's pianos.
And among the existing F308 pianos, there is one in particular : The first one ever made, probably used by various famous pianist - which seems to be confirmed by the many autograph on its main frame.

And this very unique piano is thereby estimated to the trifling sum of two hundred fifty six thousands euros!

However interesting this digression may be, you may wonder where it leads us. Well, first of all, as a humble pianist player myself, I sometimes feel ashame to know this little about the piano world and history. So, since I just learnt about this fact, I thought it may be good to share it. But beyond this, it is also because it brings us to today, a very special day. A day when, after a serie of nice and completely random events, I have been honored by the opportunity to play on that very masterpiece.

Naturally, I went through a wide set of emotions such as surprise, denial, joy, excitement, fear of touching such a precious object, etc. And then I had to answer one fundamental question !

Which musical work could fit to this piano of heaven ?

You identified it of course... Or probably not actually !

The very unknown and funny tune of Bomb Ô Bomb video-game, a very old open-source alternative of the game called Bomberman. Also known as the "Pour" song !

Perhaps it would be useful to give here some context details. Indeed, except a limited range of people who could understand this private joke gesture, it may look awkward to have chosen such a contrasting originated and apparently simple tune.
It all started years ago with my brother exhuming this tune out of a very humble, old and quite unknown video-game.

The way it happened gave it a special place in our family music culture. Especially when, a few years later, my brother adapted it wonderfully for his chromatic accordion. He did that just by listening to the original that you can listen below !

And thanks to the transcription for piano he made for me, I was able, a few more years after, to finally play the "Pour" song !

It is like I wrote at first, a meeting between two masterpieces ! Each one with its own style.
Well, I hope you got the essence of that family private joke which lies in the contrast between the joy of playing such an amazing piano and the joy of playing such an unknown simple tune on it.
Of course, I meant no disrespect at all because this tune and its story is like a masterpiece for us in the family !
And last but not least, between those special creation, I was under big pressure ! Please, forgive the so so quality of my play and of the recording.

Of course, I did not play only that tune. And even if I was not at the top of my condition, what a pleasure to play on this piano!

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