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Mei Hua

22 Oct 2018
To YAN yan and REN Junmin.


Mei Hua or Plum Flower Fist

Traditional martial art recognised as part of the Chinese untangible heritage

Practice implies a wide variety of complex moves, breathing techniques and interaction with the surrounding. All together it leads to a deep mastery of the whole body and clarity of mind.

Result of a long transmission of knowledge both martial and theorical, it takes it roots in the main Chinese philosophies and traditional medecine

Teaching a wide understanding of the body and the mind, reinforcing our health, it becomes a strong base for any other activity

Learning paths such as base practice, weapons practice, boxe skills complement one another in a free and adaptative journey

A journey taken sometimes alone for an internal healthy daily practice, sometimes by two in a rich interaction, or sometimes much more in a vibrant cultural exchange

Beyond the martial and theorical dimension lies also a strong social and cultural bonds as a living part of Mei Hua school

Originated long long time ago in the north China countryside area, it now brings together people from all over the world

Arrived in Europe 20 years ago, Mei Hua teaching is led there by 18th generation master YAN Yan and REN Junmin within the non-profit European Mei Hua Zhuang organisation

Just this once, most of the pictures are not captured by me. Thank you to Régine, Samra, Camille and Ray Ambrosi for their great pictures.

To learn more about Mei Hua :, website of the European Mei Hua non profit organisation.

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